Review: Cables Untangled

Cables untangled : an exploration of cable knitting 9781400097456 by Melissa Leapman contains the basics of making cables, several patterns and a stitch dictionary. The instructions look clear, although I know the basics of cables and have not tried to use the instructions for more complex cables. She includes tips, like purling the first stitch after a cable through the back of a loop (and correcting the twist in the next row) to avoid an elongated stitch in the pattern. She includes both charts and written instructions for the first few patterns. She also gives some tips for designing with cables.

There are several patterns I like quite well. I particularly like the Two-Color Pillow. I think S might really like the Little bag with handles. I also like the Harvest Tweed Afghan, which pairs bold cables with lace and the Entwined cables pillow.

The stitch dictionary includes 24 rib patterns, 54 panels, and 43 allover patterns. I know there are other stitch dictionaries for cables and I haven’t compared them. There are some very nice patterns, but also a fair number that I don’t like based on the sample picture. However, it may be that those I don’t like on their own would look really good as part of a larger design–this is definitely something I need to learn about.

Rating: 3.8


2 thoughts on “Review: Cables Untangled

  1. Hmm, I had seen this one advertised in one of the yarn store emails I get. Was it in Yarn Markets or KnitPicks? I can’t remember! What I do remember is forcing myself not to order it since I’ve taken one basic cables class, so maybe I didn’t Need the book? What do you all think? Is it worth getting another reference book like this if I have a couple other reference books with stitch libraries? “Vogue knitting : the ultimate knitting book” is one I have. Thanks for your help!

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