Review: Luxury knits

Luxury knits: simple and stylish projects for the most desirable knitwear 9780764158230 by Amanda Griffiths was not a book I had heard of when I picked it up from the recently returned shelves at the library. It sounded like it might have some nice things in it. It is a pattern book with a small amount of information about luxury yarns and some good pictures of finishing. The garment diagrams are all at the back, which I find quite inconvenient (and I thought they were missing until I finally got to the back of the book).

There are over 20 patterns, none of which I have any interest in making. Part of this is that I can’t see using an expensive yarn like cashmere for a draw string bag or a baby shirt that will need to have all sorts of things cleaned off it (and also is a short use garment that I feel is inappropriate for cashmere, but that is another discussion). Some of the garments are attractive, but very simple and not unusual (the garter stitch scarf and tam made of kidsilk haze and Rowan 4 ply are attractive). Others are just unappealing to me, such as very wide necklines falling off the shoulders or lacy sweaters that I fear I would instantly snag.

What makes this book less appealing is that i don’t think the sweaters fit the models very well. I think that many of the sleeves are too long, giving a heavy bunch look on what should otherwise be a very light sweater. Even worse is the cardigan that has a seam in the back that bulges out in the lower back. Another cardigan has very uneven front panels, off by probably two inches at the bottom. The sides should be even – it just wasn’t blocked correctly or is hanging poorly and not showing the garment well.

The lace cardigan and camisole is fairly nice, but I would lose the ribbon. I thought the tank was relying on it for shaping, but when I finally found the diagrams it turns out the garment is somewhat shaped.

Rating: 2


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