Review: Morehouse Farm Merino Knits

Morehouse Farm Merino knits : more than 40 farm-fresh designs 9781400097449 by Margrit Lohrer is an attractive book. It talks about the farm, the sheep and how the business got started. Morehouse Farm was one of the first merino producers in the United States. They now dye the yarn in many pretty colors and the looking at the colorful projects with the soft wool certainly perked up a grey February day.

The book includes a fair number of designs for children that are bright and fanciful, often incorporating animal shapes. The other patterns are for fairly simple garments; if you want complex patterns, this book is not for you. The author enjoys knitting as relaxation and a time to think, as she describes on p.16:

My approach to knitting is pretty simple: I want to knit, knit, and knit some more. My favorite projects are yards of scarves and acres of blankets. Stop-and-go projects bother me—stop and check, stop and read, stop and count—they don’t give m time to think. Knitting is the time when I digest the day’s events, my life’s, and the world’s. Life’s meaning, for me, resides in the rhythm of knitting. And to come to grips with what’s happening around us in this world of flashing images, quick talkers, and meaningless sound bites, you need hours of knitting.

The projects incorporate slip stitches, dropped stitches, knitting into the row below etc. to achieve some nice results. I like the huck lace shawl, which is based on a common weaving pattern. I also really like the Indian corn hat and scarf because the pattern and colors in the yarn do such a good job of mimicking the corn.

The author includes several projects for the home that are felted (often just slightly). This seems like a good approach with the pillows (see the cover of the book). She knits the pillows in the round. More interestingly, she knit the blanket in the round. After fulling, she cut it apart between the first and last stitches of each round which gave nice, straight sides to the blanket.

Rating: 3


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