It’s snowing

OK, that’s not really news, these days. At least the freezing rain stopped–I prefer the snow.

Yesterday was beautiful. We took a nice walk downtown to do some errands. We also went to the new yarn store in town! That’s right, the yarn store in the neighboring town will now need to called LYS3. The new LYS2 is downtown and walkable at lunch from work. It also sells interesting fabric and has a coffee bar. This might not be a good thing for my budget… I didn’t get anything when there, although many things tempted me. I had nothing in particular I needed and I didn’t want to try TH’s patience. Several days ago, S went there and bought a bunch of stuff. I’m hoping she will blog on it. Janna may also blog on it since I saw her there enjoying a coffee (with her new yarn).

You know you keep the house too cold when you find an icycle in it.

In knitting news, I bought some yarn for baby presents for CS. The shower is in early March so I need to be moving. The hat and booties are done. I have just started the jacket. And then there will be the blanket. The yarn is Bamboozle (55% bamboo – 24% cotton – 21% elastic nylon) from Crystal palace and I am using one of their free patterns.



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