Knitting update

Yesterday I went to a knitters group that is meeting at LYS2 (website still under construction). I found the group by Googling LYS2 and found the Meetup site for knitters in this area. They meet every Sunday at 3:30. They had been meeting elsewhere but have moved to the new yarn store. It is a really nice group of people and I’ll try to go when I can. There are several people on Ravelry so we need to connect up that way too. I also had a really good cup of tea. I particularly enjoyed meeting with other knitters because I have missed all the guild meetings this year. Knitters was canceled last week due to weather. Weavers is canceled tomorrow because the plow from the street completely blockaded our parking with big mounds of ice.

I am continuing to make progress on the baby gift for CS. I need to seam up the sides of the shirt. I guess I could post a picture, but it isn’t that exciting to look at right now. I have about 4 1/3 balls of yarn to go on the blanket. I am still hoping I can get it in the mail in a week. I am using more yarn than the pattern calls for, although my gauge seems really close. I barely have enough of the orange. I definitely need the extra ball of the multi-color green (it calls for 6 balls, but my estimate is 6 1/3 balls – each ball does 27 rows and there are 170 rows, including cat on and bind off). I might have enough left at the end for another baby hat—possibly in the infant size. I might make it for the new baby across the street, who I have yet to meet.

In other news – the weather was very nice both days. It was sunny and warm and felt like spring. That is, if you ignore all the snow and ice. The ice is really thick in many places, making the roads very bumpy. There was a huge puddle on a nearby street (an intersection that we walk or drive through every day). TH and I went out to find the drain. We worked quite hard on one spot where we first thought it was, but we were wrong. TH assessed the whole area again and the next time found it. When we (mostly he) made a channel for the water it went whooshing by. We also cleared a drain on our street, but it wasn’t as hard to find or clear. On Sunday, we took care of another drain. The ice was super solid for about the bottom 6+ inches. Above that it was just really hard. I had no chance on the super solid ice.

Why did we do this if it is warming? Because today we are expecting cold rain turning to ice and then snow is expected and it is supposed to be below zero for the rest of the week. The huge puddles would have gotten even bigger and then frozen into large ice rinks. DJ had a similar situation a few weeks ago, but she and her neighbor were looking for the drains in the rain as the water was rising on her street.


2 thoughts on “Knitting update

  1. Thanks for the update. I noticed your state on the weather map today. It looks yucky. I’m sorry to hear your weather isn’t warming!Also, could you email me and let me know who CS is? I think I might know, but I’d hate to send the wrong person a baby gift. Very Embarrassing.

  2. Glad to hear about the friendly group — I’ll try to get there some Sunday soon. I miss my Sunday afternoon knitting group!And that was so good of you to go out to find the drains. I poked at one on Saturday, but it was already pretty much clear– I didn’t have to excavate for it!

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