Deadline knitting makes for dull blogging

I’ve been a bit quiet. Much of that can be explained by frantically working on the baby gift for CS. I got it mailed in time to reach the shower. Then I have had to focus on that forbidden topic in preparation for a “vacation” in Atlanta with JQ. I have not blogged about several cool books (which I have now had to return to the library), the new hat I made for myself, the “felt” bag experiment (S it is now fulled), the spinning I am working on (including an embarrassing episode in the whole bead thing), the scarf and hat I am making for DJ to use up stash yarn, and the new books and yarn I bought. I hope to have the scarf and hat for DJ as well as a “downstairs hat” for Mr. DJ finished shortly after I return to town so they can get mailed. I have the same 2 pairs of socks for TH hanging out on the needles. I might bring one along on the plane and then start a different pair for me. or I may start a third pair for the trip….


2 thoughts on “Deadline knitting makes for dull blogging

  1. You have too many uncompleted projects. How did the bag come out?Also–I just got a new magazine and there is a very nice vest pattern in there–14 hanks of ribbon yarn!

  2. Technically I only have 4 unfinished projects. The fetled bag–I need to sew the handle on and TH said he wanted to make a button for it. 2 pairs of socks for TH and 1 pair of gloves for TH. Everythingt else is just stuff I am planning to make. Oh, I guess DJ’s scarf isn’t done either — I need to do something with the yarn ends and maybe add fringe. So I guess 5 is pretty bad….I think the bag looks pretty good. I had really hoped to have it done last week to show you

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