Review: Heirloom knits

Heirloom knits: 20 classic designs to cherish 9780312359966 by Judith McLeod-Odell has patterns inspired by 1820-2010 trends. This sounds great, but I actually don’t like most of the projects. I’m sure it doesn’t help that most are shown in white. White might be traditional and I know I could change the color, but it just doesn’t help to drawn me to the project. White pillows, rugs, or throws just wouldn’t stay white in my house and I can’t see knitting an all white (or 1930s pink) blanket.The 1860 lacy leaf throw is pretty, but it isn’t something I’d make. I started being tempted by the 1940 art deco quilt (but made as a blanket, not a quilt so I could avoid the quilt ties) until I realized it would be a huge amount of piecing together of knitted squares.There is a short section on the history of knitting and on knitting basics. It also includes a section on embellishments. That section looks nice, but if you are interested in embellishments, I know there are whole books on them, which are presumably better/more complete.

Rating: 2.6


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