Knitty–spring 2008

So what do you like in the new issue of Knitty? I like Marjorie. I also like Honeycomb, but I don’t know if I like it better than a vest in Fitted Knits. Laminaria is quite attractive but I haven’t caught the shawl bug yet. The Posey socks look interesting, but I doubt I would ever knit them and am not convinced they would stretch in a proper sock like way.

The Spyrogyra gloves are also fun, but very similar to the gloves made from the Pomatomus sock pattern. I mostly found these interesting for the spinning/drafting information elsewhere in the issue. In fact, all the knittyspin articles are interesting (if you are interested in spinning).

I liked the yarn roundtable, but the other knitting articles didn’t particularly excite me.

I’m sure there are other patterns that will grab me later as I see other people making them. That’s the way it seems to work with Knitty — it sometimes takes seeing the same project in different ways to really get sold on it. I guess this would in part be the proof of open access working. Sorry… I forgot myself there for a bit.


2 thoughts on “Knitty–spring 2008

  1. I really liked the Roundtable too–I have resisted ordering some yarns because I wanted to see them in person and touch them, but this makes me more confident. Ebay is an OLD friend!

  2. I checked out the new issue of Knitty tonight, but I skipped the KnittySpin stuff for now. I should be catching up on things that “Shall not be named,” so I’m really goofing off.I have to agree that the Roundtable section seemed to be the most interesting to me, but I have one problem. I’d really like to see the set of yarns that they Didn’t put on Knitty. How can I decide whether or not they just didn’t review them vs. they hated them if we don’t know which ones were in each batch. I can see that they’d want to make to highlight the yarns that got the highest grades, but maybe just a brief list of the ones that “didn’t make the cut?” Seems fair to me!

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