It has been an odd few weeks here. My Kool-aid dyeing was in part a good way to spend a holiday weekend, but also a light activity to do while I was also getting a powerpoint ready for a job in Wales. After returning from a conference, I then needed to get ready for the phone interview, and so spinning the fiber was a good activity to mix in. I had been thinking I could some really great (i.e. obnoxious) sock yarn for DJ. Unfortunately the fiber is too coarse for that. It would be scratchy next to the skin and the yarn is too coarse. I spun half of it an Navajo plied it. The plying is really lousy because I am out of practice and I think I was getting pretty freaked about the possible move so far away.

Meanwhile, flooding in the state is awful. Unlike the flood of 1993, it is hitting all the rivers, not just some. That means that all rivers are at records stages and major cities (OK, what passes for major cities in this area) have had down towns evacuated. The river in town is not yet at record levels – but we are downstream from some major flooding, and that has yet to reach the dam and water has been going over the spillway for a day and a half now.
So far only one street is under mandatory evacuation, but the University is closing many river side buildings. I will be helping to move materials out of the basement in our slightly higher river side building.

Earlier this week I helped with sandbagging. If you ever do this, do not do the tying of bags unless you have the metal things and the tool to twist it. I didn’t have one for the first chunk of time and even with gloves, I cut up my fingers badly. Now this is relevant to knitting and spinning because my left index finger is very sore, right in a place that I would use for knitting and spinning. Knitting is much slower when I don’t use that finger.

What am I knitting? Well, I need to make something for DJ out of that weird yarn. Fortunately, the fruity Kool-aid smell is going away. the yarn looks a bit like that zebra fruit striped gum that was around when I grew up. I’ll take a picture of the 2nd batch that I am still spinning. I didn’t want to document the yarn because it really is terrible plying. I am trying to something for DJ that doesn’t look quite so Kool-aid clown like. We’ll see if it works.


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