Review: Knitter’s Book of Yarn

I had heard rave reviews of The Knitter’s book of yarn : the ultimate guide to choosing, using, and enjoying yarn 9780307352163 by Clara Parkes, so I looked forward to when I would have a chance to look at it. I read the book quite quickly and did like it. It covers all sorts of fiber types and yarn construction and explains how these impact knitting. However, as a spinner, I found that I already knew most of the material in the book. (If I wasn’t a spinner I think I would have been more excited by the book.) Parkes also highlights various yarn manufacturers and companies. This information was especially interesting to me, helping put a face to many of the lovely yarns available.

I had not expected a lot patterns, but a large section of the book was devoted to patterns. What makes this second half of the book so interesting is that she explains why this pattern and this yarn type go together well. I found this quite instructive. However, as patterns go, there were only a few that I am thinking about making.

The pictures in the book are really nice, making a great book to just flip through.

Overall, I’d give the book a 3.4, but as I said above4, if I wasn’t a spinner it would probably be higher (and would likely be a book I would want to own).


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