Review: Natural Knitter

The natural knitter : how to choose, use, and knit natural fibers from alpaca to yak 9781400053520by Barbara Albright has been out for a year now. I had glanced at it but hadn’t really taken the time to look at it until a couple days ago. It is a really nice book. In many ways it is similar to the Knitter’s book of yarn. It covers fiber types (but not construction techniques or manmade fibers), has great pictures, includes information about various companies and includes patterns. I found the book more interesting that the Knitter’s book of yarns. I liked the selection of yarn companies better. I like natural fibers better than manmade fibers, so their absence was not a loss. I also really like a lot of the patterns (you can see some of them here). Albright had a great collection of designers for her book and they made some fabulous items. I think the book may be put on my Christmas wish list. The only irritating thing is that one of the cover images is of yarn with beads in it but this isn’t included in the book anywhere.

Rating: 4.3


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