Color problems

Several years ago, DJ gave me a lot of yarn. Included was some really nice yarn in WK colors that I decided to use for the Back-to-School U-Neck Vest. I didn’t have enough so I ordered more, but didn’t pay a lot of attention to it when it came arrived. The yarn has a lot of colors in it so I thought that a different dye lot couldn’t be too bad. I got about halfway done with the vest using the original yarn and then pulled out the new yarn. Completely different! Same colorway, but it is in clear, bright DJ colors not the lovely muted fall colors that I was expecting. Fortunately I over bought the new yarn and should have enough for the whole vest and I’ll be once again left with the original yarn from DJ. Now I need to decide if I will be overdyeing the vest with a yellow/brown to tone the colors. I’ll get a picture taken and posted, I promise, but for now I thought I’d at least post something.


Radical Knitting

I’ve been a really bad blogger. L has been bugging me to post things I’ve finished or am working on. I could tell you the sad tale of the purple socks, show DJ’s birthday present, show the moebius scarf I don’t like and am ripping out, the vest I am making for myself, the hat for my Mom that I made and didn’t photograph, the shrug I will be making for my niece and the 1965 pattern my MIL has used, or the llama I’ve been spinning. I think I haven’t blogged in so long there is at least one other pair of socks, the dye workshop and I’m not sure what else I’m forgetting. I could also post about new yarn and books in my collection. But I won’t. Instead I’m going to simply post to a Colbert Report video on Radical Knitting.