Radical Knitting

I’ve been a really bad blogger. L has been bugging me to post things I’ve finished or am working on. I could tell you the sad tale of the purple socks, show DJ’s birthday present, show the moebius scarf I don’t like and am ripping out, the vest I am making for myself, the hat for my Mom that I made and didn’t photograph, the shrug I will be making for my niece and the 1965 pattern my MIL has used, or the llama I’ve been spinning. I think I haven’t blogged in so long there is at least one other pair of socks, the dye workshop and I’m not sure what else I’m forgetting. I could also post about new yarn and books in my collection. But I won’t. Instead I’m going to simply post to a Colbert Report video on Radical Knitting.


2 thoughts on “Radical Knitting

  1. I suppose if I was good, I would admit that I’ve been a way worse blogger than you! But, I’m just going to try to be better instead … :)This comment was originally posted earlier, but I put it on the wrong post … ooops.

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