Review: Mason-Dixon knitting outside the lines

I was inspired by Sari and thought I should get back to the book reviews. I even created a Zotero group of recent books in the local library to try to inspire me to work through them for review. We’ll see how that works out. (The group is private and just me, but if anyone else wants to join that group, let me know.) I am going to include links to Ravelry for the patterns that I mention. DJ – you can see a couple of the images I mention here and click “view more images” (but you really should just sign up for Ravelry and go to your local library to look at it).

I just finished Mason-Dixon knitting outside the lines : patterns, stories, pictures, true confessions, tricky bits, whole new worlds, and familiar ones, too 9780307381705 by Kay Gardiner & Ann Shayne. This is a follow-up to Mason-Dixon Knitting 0307236056. Like that book it is engaging, written in Kay’s & Ann’s chatty style. The book is nice enough but not one I want to own. It has few patterns I can see myself making, although there are several things that I like.

The Liberty blanket is gorgeous, but I’m sure I’d never make it. The Margaret sweater is also nice, but I doubt I would ever make it, and definitely wouldn’t put words on it.

The Heartbreakingly Cute Pilot Hat has interesting construction so I may actually make that. I disagree with the name — it isn’t heartbreakingly cute, but it is OK.

I am finding myself attracted to the idea of something with dots on it (like the Baby Dotty blanket) or a very light cardigan (Cardi Cosy) or a string bag (Monteagle Bag), but I may not make these versions of the broad type.

They did convince me that I should make top down sweater (Daily Sweater), but this probably means going to Elizabeth Zimmerman and Barbara Walker.

I’m sure I would never make the lantern covers or embellish dish gloves. I mean, really! Life is too short!

The book is well worth checking out from the library, but not worth squeezing onto my crowded bookshelf.

Overall: 2.5


2 thoughts on “Review: Mason-Dixon knitting outside the lines

  1. I like this book, too. The stories and anecdotes are engaging. Many of the patterns will never be made by me, just too weird, as you mentioned. I am currently fascinated with the idea of a top-down sweater, and have the materials to do a cardigan. Someday.I am in the process of knitting a "Fern Sweater" for MC's daughter. Keep your fingers crossed that I get the sweater done before she goes up too many sizes …Also, I did make the Pilot Hat (I think twice…) and I agree it's not Heartbreaking. But it is cute and interesting to make. Pay attention when you're sewing it up! Or, just more than I did the first time … lol

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