Review: Great Knitted Gifts

So I was waiting in the public library for a friend and so I was filling in time looking at the knitting books. I started on the new shelf and then moved to the recently returned section. Needless to say, several had to do with knitting for gifts or holidays. I flipped through a couple and was so disinterested I couldn’t even pretend to do a review (if I had more time I would have gone to one of the library computers and given them a big ol’ yawn. I did check out a couple, so without further ado….

Great knitted gifts 9781402713231 by Andrea Shackleton & Gayle Shackleton is not a book of quick knits. It is not a book of holiday items. The projects are gifts only in that the authors think they would make good gifts. There are 4 chapters – Circles and Dots (5 patterns); Flowers (7 patterns); Squares and Stripes (8 patterns); Kids and Holidays (11 patterns). Many of the patterns use intarsia. Most of them are quite different from what I’ve seen elsewhere. Despite being attracted to “dotty” patterns lately, nothing in the dot chapter grabbed me. In fact, only one pattern grabbed me, and the more I look at it the less it is grabbing me.

One interesting thing, as a handspinner, all the yarn is handspun, in sportweight wool. Yarn weights (not yardage) are actually listed at the back, not with the patterns. I expect this might make it harder for a non-spinner to make the items.

So, overally I’d give the book a pass, but if you see it on a shelf it is worth flipping through.


One thought on “Review: Great Knitted Gifts

  1. OK, now you're just trying to make me look bad! I have been working on end-of-semester stuff and have to grade the last set of assignments! Having time to go to the public library, indeed!

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