Review: Knitted Jackets

Knitted Jackets: 20 Designs from Classic to Contemporary 9781596680265 by Cheryl Oberle is a nice enough Interweave press book. However, very little seemed like something I would wear. Everything seems so loose and boxy and seems a bit heavy, but this is probably because they are jackets. I think this means knitted jackets may not really be for me. The author states that most of the fitting is in the sleeve length since jackets are meant to fit over the top of other garments. Each pattern indicates the Craft Yarn Council of America’s yarn weight and sizing. Most of the pattern use yarn of size 4, with some of 3 and 5. There is a pretty even spread of patterns for standard, loose and oversize fit.

L brought this book to knitters a few weeks ago, and I liked the book better then, so it may just be my mood. We talked a bit about wabi Sabi and how good it would look in Noro. It is made in panels-the back is in two narrow sections, so when you knit them, the colors will stripe in a similar fashion to the front pieces. I thought Northwest Celtic was an interesting take on a Salish style sweater. A few look comfortable, like the Wrapper and Three sisters, and possibly even the Bloomsbury jacket, so I guess I like the book well enough. The patterns have a mix of colorwork and texture and lace, and more dressy to more casual, so it is a reasonable overview.


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