Review: Knitting in the Sun

Knitting In the Sun: 32 Projects for Warm Weather 9780470416662 by Kristi Porter is a pretty new book. I perhaps would have been more receptive to it when there wasn’t snow on the ground. For the most part, I did not particularly like the patterns-they just aren’t me. One nice feature is that each pattern lists skills used. Also, you go to the publisher’s site to download some of the pattern, which as long as the links are permanent, is nice so you don’t need to photocopy them to mark your place in the pattern. My favorite item is the Anna Maria tank, which has some nice shaping and the lace accents the shaping. The author pairs it with the Quimper bolero, which looked fine in the side photo, but from the front is not to my taste. The Hollyhock tee is also fairly attractive and I could see making it. The Bordeaux lace shawl is nice, but I can’t say I like it better than other lace stoles. One of the items that I find most attractive is something I would never make-the Black sea gored skirt. So, not a book for my collection, but if you live in a warmer area, you may want to look at it (and JQ – I’m sure you need the smocked tube top).


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