Review: Knitting in Tuscany

Knitting in Tuscany 9781933027753 by Nicky Epstein is a good book for an armchair traveler. She includes not only patterns but also information about Tuscany from a knitter’s perspective. Much of the information is also simply about Tuscany – her favorite places, sites and, of course, the food. I already wanted to go to Tuscany, and her book has only encouraged this desire. Nicki Epstein does a lot with embellishment and based on designs I had seen of hers before, I wasn’t expecting to like much in the book. I was pleasantly surprised. There are two items added to my possibly make list—the Cypress Capelet (looks really useful for wearing at work to block the cold breeze on me) and the Cashmere Necklette (although I’d probably skip the beads). However, some of the other items were still interesting and I can appreciate her skill as a knitter and her creativity. I thoroughly recommend checking this out from the library, especially if you are looking at the snow and wishing to be somewhere else.


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