"Vinyard" handspun yarn

In October I went to the Bishop Hill Spin-In. One of the items I purchased was a 4 oz bag of “Transitions Painted Roving” (70% wool, 20% silk and 10% mohair) in the Vinyard colorway from High Prairie Fibers. It was my first post-broken arm spinning. I have almost 600 yard of Z spun singles. (I’m a bit fuzzy on the total because the counter on my skein winder wasn’t always advancing properly).

Here it is in the bag, unspun (I should have taken it out, but I took the picture with a broken arm and it seemed like a lot of work at the time).

Here are the two skein side by side. Because of the color change they look very different.


Close-up of the brown-green half.


Close-up of the grey-purple half.


Brown-green wound into a ball.


Grey-purple wound into a ball.


I am planning to make a two-sided cabled scarf. I’ll have to play around and see if that works with the yarn. But that is what I planned on before spinning. In November L started a scarf that I liked (Ondeleux Cables). Lily Chin had a guide to the reversible cables in the Winter 2009 issue of Interweave Knits.


3 thoughts on “"Vinyard" handspun yarn

  1. I love this! I have recently been getting "invitations" to take a spinning workshop from a nice lady I met at the NC State Fair last fall. So tempting, but I have so little free time now!Want to spin, or at least have hand-spun yarn! 🙂

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