Review: French Girl Knits

I have wanted to look at French Girl Knits 9781596680692 by Kristeen Griffin-Grimes since the time it came out in 2009, but I only now have carefully looked at it. Most of the designs use seamless construction, building on Barbara Walker’s and Elizabeth Zimmerman’s techniques. The 18 patterns are nicely photographed, showing garments on models and showing details of the construction from a variety of angles. Griffin-Grimes includes short sections on different seamless construction methods: side-to-side, top-down raglan, bottom up raglan, top down set in sleeve and bottom up set-in sleeve construction. The book includes a few other tips, such as grafting mohair yarns and knit to fit. For all these sections, the book is worth checking out. Some of the patterns are very nice and have interesting construction. Other patterns are not at all to my liking, so taking up precious bookshelf space is debatable. As with any knitting book, remember to look for corrections online.

The patterns are all given French women’s names, which is less helpful than their subtitles, so I’ll ignore 245 a and go for b. Oh wait, that was like work. I thought the Cable-edged cardigan (Sophia) on the front cover was fine, and then I saw the back (haven’t found a picture online) and now I may want to make it. The Cable and lace jacket (Stella) also has interesting construction and it looks like it would move well. I like the Airy Shrug (Veronique) so well that I may purchase yarn for it this week.

Notes mostly for myself: Other patterns I like include Tunic tank (Nadine) and Short sleeved cardigan (Viola). The lacy tie-hem tunic uses KidLin Lace. I haven’t seen this yarn before and now I’d like to find it since I am unfamiliar with linen mohair blends. A couple other patterns worth noting due to popularity in Ravelry (but not of interest to me) are the Lacy cap-sleeve top (Delphine) and the Leather-laced cardigan (Wrenna).


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