Review: Glamour Knits

Glamour Knits 9780307347206 by Erika Knight has a mere 15 patterns and little text. The patterns mostly involve ribbons, sequins or other sparkly elements. There are few patterns that I find at all appealing. If I made the Cable Vest, it would be in something other than Lurex Shimmer. I like the Lace Top except for the ribbon/organza bits. The Ribbed Shrug looks pretty ordinary and non-glamorous, which makes it more appealing than most items. Each item has 2 color photos, one worn by a model, and one with no model. I’m sure it saved a lot on production costs, but I find having all the pictures in the front and the directions at the back with purple-scale photos a bit awkward. It is like a common magazine layout, but the photos at the front are not labeled or numbered so it is not as easy as it should be to find the instructions when looking at the picture. Since there are so few patterns, it doesn’t take too long to flip through them all to find the one you want. A review on Amazon says the patterns are full of errors, which made any slight interest in this book vanish for me.


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