Almost Ravellenics

The Olympics opening ceremony was today. Late yesterday afternoon I decided I’d do something during the Ravellenics. I decided on the Tree of Life socks since I have been meaning to try stranded knitting (and because I saw the pattern on twitter and thought they were awesome). Th Public Library had the book on the shelf so it was a go. I also decided to restart blogging about knitting, but on a new site.

I had considered trying to finish my many works in progress (or more appropriately forgotten and abandoned projects) but they aren’t easy to access right now. Nor is my stash. I also considered doing more of a spinning thing, but I wasn’t seeing a challenge per se. (Getting the wool spun M and I dyed last month would have done, but the wool is still in CR and needs to be carded).

I checked my stash when I got home. Or at least the stash I could access. I found one skein that would work, so today at lunch I had to back to my LYS and get something to work with it (pictures will be added to Ravellry soon).

Today at 3 PM I saw opening ceremony tweets. But of course not from the US since it is delayed here. The tweets made it sound great. But we don’t get NBC at home. I left work early for a bike ride (it was 20° cooler than a couple days ago-only in the upper 80°s) and T and I went out to find a place with a tv. Since we normally avoid such places it took a while to figure out where. I had heard they would be broadcast here at 6:30 so we got there a bit early and asked for the channel to be changed.  I forgot that 6:30 meant half an hour pre-opening ceremony coverage, followed by ad infused opening ceremonies.  I had followed the twitter stream to Tim Berners Lee, shortly before 4 PM. Only made it to Queen and Bowie in the show, partway through the Frankie & June say… Thanks Tim section.

I finally cast on at home watching Shaun the Sheep.


Beginning anew

Previously, I shared a blog with a couple of friends. However, in the last couple years I have posted very little. I would like to get back in the habit of posting about my current (or past) projects. Having my own blog will make the connection to Ravelry much easier. As I have time, I am going to move old posts to this site.

This seems like an excessively short post, but since it isn’t about knitting or spinning I guess that is fine.