How is it September already?

I was a complete dud at the Ravellenics. It required too much concentration to do what I chose and August was not good for that. The little knitting I did had to be easy, comfort knitting.

2012-08-017A couple weeks ago I was on vacation and bought some yarn to make something for my sister. I bought Paca-Peds H-T sock yarn with the intention of making a small shawl or scarf (disappointing her that I didn’t feel like making socks). I hadn’t realized that it was actually 2 hanks – one small one in a solid color specifically for the heels and toes. I lost the label, but I think it is mixed berries, with pink as the contrast. (I’m including links both to Ravelry and also elsewhere since my sister isn’t on Ravelry and I want her to be able to see something).

Looking around Ravelry for patterns, I saw A Breath of Fresh Air (also here) and Wingspan (more examples here). I decided on Wingspan.  I started knitting, but I’m about to rip it out. The pattern looks really cool with long sections of color, but this yarn has short runs, which I don’t think will be as good. The skein is 2 yards, with about 17-18″ navy, 10-11″ mulberry, 8″ pink, repeated.

Looking at Ravelry again, I have decided to try Multnomah (pattern here).


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