Fall 2012 Spin-Off

The new Spin-Off came a couple days ago.  A few things of note — I liked the idea of using handspun as in overshot weaving demonstrations. Only small amounts are needed for bands in overshot, and each band can use a different treadling. The group designed it so the results could be cut apart and sewn into small bags. This seemed like a good, collaborative demo for our group. There was also a scarf made of novelty yarn (specifically coiled yarn), made by sewing the the yarns together using a water soluable stabilizer. This seems like a clever way to show of yarn of this sort.

The issue also had a list of helpful websites, which was largely youtube videos. I think Interweave really ought to put this on their site because typing in a bunch of youtube URLs is really irritating. But since I did type them in, here they are (with abbreviated descriptions). I haven’t watched them yet, but now may remember them when I want to review one of these techniques.

Back to knitting. (At this point, it would be nice if DJ likes the end result, but it doesn’t really matter because this pattern and yarn are exactly right for what I need right now.)


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