Playing with dyes

2012-08-001In late June, M had a use it or lose it vacation day, so I went up and we played around with an assortment of Gaywool dyes that she had acquired. Neither of us had every used these dyes before. Neither of us wanted a measure carefully kind of day, so we messed around to see the colors. We did make small samples and we did take notes on what we did. I don’t have the notes, so this is from memory. The colors we had were: Azalea, Orchid, Mulberry, Cyclamen, Watermelon, PawPaw, Tomato, Madder Orange, Daisy, Bluegum, Blueberry, Lucerne, and Cedar.

2012-08-010Batch 1 was on my portion of Dolly, the Texel sheep. I used something like Azalea, Orchid, PawPaw, Tomato, Madder Orange.  It looked like there was still dye left, so I added  grey wool (1/2 Romney, 1/4 Corriedale 2012-08-011cross, 1/8 Karakul, 1/8 Suffolk cross) that had been hanging out here for years (that I got at a guild annual meeting from Robin, who had bought the fleece years before and used what she wanted).

2012-08-007Batch 2 was some of M’s Dolly fleece. She used something like Mulberry, Cyclamen, Watermelon, Bluegum, Blueberry. We used the same grey wool in the exhaust bath but we turned off heat when we went to lunch. No color went into the wool and we redyed it.

2012-08-002I think batch 3 was Daisy, Bluegum, Blueberry, Lucerne, and Cedar. This was on a batt of white wool, perhaps Corriedale. 2012-08-004Exhaust bath was the same grey wool, except we added mordant because it seemed like the blue wasn’t getting picked up. I don’t recall what mordant.

2012-08-008Batch 4 was largely some handspun yarn labelled “I didn’t spin this” that became much prettier after the dyes. M tried an orderly choice of colors, thinking in a circle. We had been thinking linearly before, which meant the first and last colors often were not good next to2012-08-009 each other. We did an inadequate job of tieing the skein so M wound up with a bit of a mess and I didn’t get photos in August. I think this was with the skein. And I think this blue one is the exhaust bath, with mordant added.

2012-08-006Batch 5 was a bit of an attempt to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, trying the colors we didn’t like so well. It worked OK on a batt of some white wool. The grey wool was below and the batt didn’t allow even penetration of the dye. 2012-08-005And these colors were on grey so not so great. They do a look a lot better dry than they did wet. I know we use Daisy, and maybe PawPaw, Tomato, Madder Orange, and watermelon

2012-08-013M and I got together again in August to start carding the wool. It didn’t take quite that long for the wool to dry, but it felt a bit like it took that long. We started with batch 3 exhaust. It was crocking terribly. The batts look nice, though. In order to be more even, they will need more passes to mix them together. We may work with 4X and mix gradually from blue to green. But that’s a lot of carding and we haven’t gotten back to it yet.


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