I finished the Multnomah shawl for my sister. I wanted easy, comfort knitting and this pretty much fit the bill. I had to rip it out a lot because, well, I needed easy comfort knitting and even this took my brain power than I apparently had.

There was also a bit of an adventure along the way, right at the end of the garter. I went to see Biden and Obama (and their wives) when they were in town. I had to go through “airport-like” security. Knitting needles are allowed on domestic flights, but apparently, not in airport-like security. The ball I wound by hand had already been falling apart (the alpaca makes the yarn slippery). I took the needle out very quickly and stuck it into the ground, right next to the curb, with the cable stretched between the two ends. I then needed to stuff the yarn and knitting into my small purse. Then take it out for security. Then pick it all back up and quickly move on.

The end result was a really big mess, with yarn tangled around my purse strap. I was able to find the needle the next morning, but it took a while longer to get it untangled (forming break from doing yardwork). This picture was taken well into the detangling and after it was back on needles. I was knitting again that evening so it wasn’t too horrible to fix.

When I was about to start the feather and fan portion, I had 52 g left in the main color and 22 g in the contrast color, which means the garter is about 50 g, or 2/5 of the total, about 180 yards. This of course depends on the accuracy of my scale. The pink contrast is about 80 yards, and I have only a few left.

The end product is not without errors, but I don’t think they are obvious (hence they were left). I completed it a couple days ago and then blocked it.


Detail of feather and fan.


After blocking.


My project on Ravelry.


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