Posts moved

I moved all my posts over from Technically it was very easy, but some of the formatting was a bit of a mess and I think a few images didn’t transfer. Most of the images moved into the wordpress media library, but some remained links to blogger. I think I found most problems, but if you see something weird in an old post, let me know.

I also took the opportunity to remove some of my more off topic rambles.

I revised the book reviews so they now all have an ISBN-13. The image comes from Worldcat (when available) and links to Worldcat. The title links to Ravelry, if there is a book entry in Ravelry.

One thing I find interesting about the books in Ravelry is how little some publishers seem to pay attention to them.  Ravelry is a large subset of knitters and I would have thought it would be worth their time to have someone make sure their books are listed and that all patterns are on the site. Even when books are there with all patterns, very often the pictures from the book are not on Ravelry.  This is a pity since the books generally have very good pictures of the items. Including them would increase the appeal of the pattern. It is great to see how people made something, but I think the pictures from books often do more to make me want to use the pattern (which can translate to purchasing the book or pattern) than another picture. It just seems like publishers should participate in this social network to at least a small degree as a form of marketing.


2 thoughts on “Posts moved

  1. Hey WendelKate,
    I’ve been enjoying your posts! I was wondering if you know if there’s a way to create an account on WordPress without also having to create a new blog? I have come to the (mature?) conclusion that I am an awful blogger and don’t need the guilt of yet another unattended blog.


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