Knitty, deep fall 2012

I have been looking at the latest issue of Knitty in the last few days. A few things I want to highlight. I have been intrigued by Habu Textiles stainless steel yarn for several years (JQ—remember we made a yarn store trip in Atlanta just so I could see it and other Habu Textiles yarns), so it was interesting see the Tin roof scarf.

Geshenk, a shawl, uses very small amounts of yarn, designed for a special handspun skein. It is shown in three weights of yarn.

There are two pairs of gloves (Phalangees and Calertne) which look great, but I don’t think I would ever make them.

The Uhlan cap comes with a history of this type of headwear meant to be worn under a helmet.The history is interesting and the item looks warm. So it looks tempting to make. I like the picture from c1900 better—it has ribbing on the head not garter.

Ethnic Knitting Adventures has interesting information on Andean hats. This might be ab better option for a winter hat.

And of course the yarn roundtable and fiber fiesta were interesting and make me want to try the yarn and fibers out myself.


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