Review: Classic Elite quick knits

Classic Elite quick knits : 100 fabulous patterns for wraps, socks, hats, and more 9781600854033 is very much a pattern book; it has virtually no text other than the patterns. The short introduction says:

In this book, we have compiled some of the most interesting accessories published over the last few years. Because they are small, portable and wearable, accessories lend themselves very well to all range of knitters, and due to minimal sizing requirements, are great for gift-giving to friends and loved ones.

This is a better description of the book than “quick knits”; the bag on the cover does not strike me as a quick knit. The sections are “hats mittens, gloves” (40 patterns), “socks” (11 patterns), “scarves, cowls, wraps, shrugs, capelets” (41 patterns) and “blankets, bags, toys”¬† (8 patterns). Many of the patterns are quite nice and I can see making some.

However, something was bothering me as I was looking through it. When I got to Quincy hat I realized what was missing; no designers are given credit for the designs. This bothers me. I recognized this as a Brooklyn Tweed design. In the front the photographers are given credit, so you can find all the Jared Flood photos (which means you can find all his patterns), but other designers are completely invisible.

The book listing on Ravelry is incomplete; only about 1/3 of the patterns are listed, but most if not all are in Ravelry from the original Classic Elite publication, just not pulled together in the book, so you may need to find the book to see what is included.


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