Review: Sensational knitted socks

Sensational knitted socks 9781564775702 by Charlene Schurch came out in 2005. When I was looking for pattern ideas on Ravelry recently, I decided to make one in the book and was surprised I didn’t own it. I have made at least one pattern from it, but using the library copy. I really like the book. It gives simple patterns that can be used for socks, separated by the number of stitches in the pattern, and hence the number of repeats in the socks. It also provides details for a variety of gauges. The patterns are mostly fairly basic, which it turns out I like best in socks. DJ will still get fancier patterns, but I like the feel of fairly standard ribbing (boring, I know). So, in short, I really like the book and now that we are entering gift season, I need to let DJ know I like the book. (Hint hint hint)


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