Offset rib socks

Last June I went to a conference which involved a lot of hours in the car with co-workers. On the way back, I started a pair of socks. I had thought I had carefully put a pattern on my mobile device to use, but I missed some part of it (I don’t recall exactly what was wrong) so I just winged it.

2012-11-014I used Cascade Heritage Paints sock yarn in Briar Rose (9904). I think I got it at the  anniversary sale at my LYS a couple months before. I wasn’t positive whether the socks would be mine or DJ’s. I neglected to take pictures of the before skein, so this is what is left over. Since I wanted to see the color repeats, I needed to reskein it.


2012-11-002I did a basic top down, heel flap sock (based on having read the Yarn Harlot’s sock recipe years ago and making socks since then and my faulty memory). I cast on 60 stitches, using probably size 1 needles (although I don’t recall if it was primarily or 2.5mm—I say primarily because I had some issue with losing needles once I got home). I did a 2×2 ribbing for 12 rounds (1″).

My pattern, which I am calling offset rib1, was as follows:
rounds 1-5: k3 p2 (repeat)
rounds 6-10: p2 k3

Continue until leg measures 8″.

2012-11-004Make a standard heel flap, etc. and continue with foot. I tend to make the sole a couple stitches less than the pattern on the instep, because straight stockinette doesn’t pull together as much as ribbing. When I get to the toe I either do my ssk & k2tog only on the top for a round or I shift stitches slightly so that they are even on top and bottom.

I knit the foot until it was about 7″ from the heel flap and then started decreasing for the toe (standard toe with kitchener stitch closing the sock).


I liked the socks but my sister had been doing a lot for my Mom, so i decided they were hers. I was not sad when she said they were a bit big and so they were mine. They have turned into the socks I pull out first from the drawer to wear.


1 I’m sure this is in countless pattern books, but I didn’t use one of those books, so I figure I can call this whatever I want.


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