Review: The Handknitter’s Yarn Guide

The handknitter’s yarn guide : a visual reference to yarns and fibers 9781250003072 by Nikki Gabriel would be a fabulous addition to the Guild library. It is definitely a reference book, not a reading book. The author covers basic yarn categories by weight and then by fiber type. For each fiber, there is a general description and then additional information on qualities, use and care, pros and cons of the fiber and sometimes burn test information. Most yarns include pictures of the yarn knit in stockinette, with a cable and in lace. Each fiber is generally shown in three weights. The book includes information on blends as well. One of the great aspects for spinners (or knitters working with handspun or who have just lost track of the yarn label) is the gauge and yardage guide, which includes recommended needle size correlated with wraps per inch. The book also includes a “textured yarn” section, including bouclé, chenille, ribbon, eyelash, flamme and ladder yarns.

Llama is oddly missing from the animal fiber section and isn’t even mentioned in he alpaca section or the “rare and curious fibers” section. This is the only problem I noted in the book.

This book would be great reference in any yarn shop to help people make informed decision about yarns with which they lack familiarity.


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