German Twisted Cast On

My standard cast on is the long tail. I did it with two hands for years, which always made me not quite coordinated. At some point I checked out the DVD A knitting glossary / with Elizabeth Zimmermann & Meg Swansen ; a Schoolhouse video.Pittsville, WI : Schoolhouse Press, c2005.One of the items was the German Long Tail cast one which makes a stretchy edge, perfect for top down socks. Meg Swansen movements were so fluid and so fast and she made it look so easy. I watched it over and over and over, pausing regularly until I figured out what she was doing (and therefore also how to do the long tail more easily).

Lucy Neatby shows how to do it. It starts with a very brief review of the long tail cast on. I like Swansen’s technique better, but it is harder to follow the short video. Neatby’s video is focused better and her hands go slowly for longer, making it a better instruction.

A couple more videos that also show how to do it. The first is by The Knit Witch. She mentions that she usually does it over two needles, but I never do that and it works well for me.

And one more video by knitpurlhunter, which begins with a clear comparison of what long tail cast on and German twisted cast on look like on the needle.


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