Review: Teach Yourself Visually Color Knitting

9781118066850 coverTeach yourself visually color knitting 9781118066850 by Mary Scott Huff covers a lot of things. It has two introductory chapters and then focuses on different types of color knitting: stripes, slip-stitch, stranded, intarsia, entrelac, modules and embellishment, with a final chapter on advanced skills. The chapters generally include some examples, an explanation of how to do it, patterns, and a small stitch library, This is a lot to cover. While I liked seeing examples of the techniques, I wasn’t that excited by most of the patterns. What I really wanted was information on techniques, how to (i.e. teach yourself). Those explanations look generally good (I read some but not all) and the pictures are clear. TheĀ intarsia section does not include information on knitting backward, which I have heard makes it go faster. But the book is far bigger (heavier and more expansive) because it also includes the patterns and small stitch libraries. The patterns may not date well and the stitch libraries are really quite small. I would have liked more on techniques, perhaps larger stitch libraries, so that this would be a reference book that would last and not become dated. If you are starting to knit, it might be a good book to acquire.