New Yarn, Stainless Steel edition

Eleven months ago, my LYS had their anniversary party and I got a gift certificate for spending enough money soon enough. I then misplaced the gift certificate. I recently found it, which is fortunate for me because it would only be good for a year. Yesterday I took a walk to the store at lunch to use it.

Sometime in the last few months, they started carrying Habu yarns. I have only seen them once before and have been intrigued by the silk+stainless steel and merino+stainless steel yarns. I made JQ take a trip to a specific yarn shop in Atlanta when we were at ER&L in I 2008 just so I could see these yarns.  I bought a different Habu yarn in part because I had no idea what to do with stainless steel yarn.

Habu Textiles A-20 silk stainless steel in forest (color 17)

I still don’t know. But now own 2 cones of A-20 silk stainless steel in forest (color 17). Fortunately Ravelry now exists so I at least have some ideas. I of course may not have the right yarns for these – some require additional yarn and/or different colors, but I’ll deal with that in the future, when the stock has been replenished (it was a bit low right now).

So, which should I make? Kusha-kusha? Tin Roof? Hakusa? Decalage? Drop stitch scarf? Realistically, nothing will be cast on soon, so I can ponder for a while.


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