Reversible cable scarf

Back in 2009 I bought some fiber and spun it (70% wool, 20% silk and 10% mohair). It is a transitional roving and I spun it to knit as a singles yarn to keep the color transition. L had made a scarf (Onduleux cables) that she had seen in LYS2. Reversible cables were very much the thing at the time. I looked at her scarf and decided to make one like it, without an actual pattern. I got 2/3 or 3/4 done and then it was spring and I didn’t want to knit a winter scarf. I set it aside and finally dug it back out in January. With no pattern. And no notes with it.

Reversible cable scarf

Fortunately, my local group of knitters was able to help me sort it out. I finished the scarf soon after but didn’t wash it/block it (which was needed because of the singes yarn) because I started wearing it right away.

Wearing reversible cable scarf

Reversible cables are basically just regular cables made k1 p1 throughout, which looks like stockinette because the ribs pull together.  This also makes it thicker, which is nice for a scarf.

Reversible cable scarf

The beginning of the scarf may not have been the same, but this is the pattern for the end of the scarf. I used about 600 yards of sport or DK weight (my yarn varies and I’m guessing). Size 7 needles. Cast on 48.
Rows 1-7: K1 P1.
Row 8: 4 sets of 6 over 6 (which look like 3 over 3) left slanting cables.
Rows 9-15: K1 P1.
Row 16: (K1 P1) 3 times; 3 sets of 6 over 6 (which look like 3 over 3) right slanting cables; (K1 P1) 3 times.
Repeat rows 1-16 until desired length is reached. End with another rows 1-7 rows and bind off.
Finished size: about 4″ wide and 100″ long.

Reversible cable scarf

Reversible cable scarf close-up


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