1000 yards of silk merino

OK, I am a bit behind in blogging. This summer and fall I spun a merino-silk blend I bought from R Rabbit’s Fiber Studio, I think in October 2011 at Bishop Hill.  The fiber was beautiful. I didn’t think to get a picture before I started splitting it and pre-drafting. Here is a small bit near the end, but it doesn’t demonstrate the original look as well as I would like.

unspun silk-merino

I spun it fairly fine, which means the colors really merge, and it became a complex grey. The colors in the fiber were more distinct, which was prettier to me. Ah well. My spinning is not as even as I would like, but isn’t too bad.

silk-merino skeins

I finished around Thanksgiving. The plying seemed to take forever, but that is probably because I had more yardage than I had expected. The end result was about 1000 yards of 2 ply (I say about because there are around 91 yards out of 1047 that broke several times so there are several knots in the section).

silk-merino skeins

I have no idea what I will do with it, other than store it my other yarn.


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