Electronic resources & yarn

Sometimes when I go to a conference, I am able to fit in a trip to a yarn store. It provides a nice break from the conference and a chance to see a bit of the city. I just returned from a conference that used to be in Atlanta but is now in Austin. Before year two of the conference, I made Calorimetry, using Noro (probably silk garden) from my LYS2.


I adjusted the pattern slightly to make it slightly smaller (both in length and width). The Noro has a very different look depending on which side is in front.


I used the remaining yarn to make a very narrow version, with no button. I wear this one a lot, especially when it is still just slightly chilly in the morning on my bike. It fits easily into a pocket and takes up little space when traveling.

Modified CalorimetryModified Calorimetry

I tossed this in to my bag for a February trip to the warmer climate of Atlanta. It was warmer, yes, but colder than we all expected and I was glad to have it with me (I think this was just before the Valentine’s Day Blizzard). JQ and I went to Why Knot Knit and I convinced her to buy some Noro to make a Calorimetry of her own.  I think I was supposed to send her details on my modifications, which I never did. Oops! I bought some yarn as a gift and think I was very restrained regarding my own stash (i.e. didn’t add to it).

The next year, we went to Knitch [now closed] specifically so I could see and maybe buy some Habu Textiles yarn. Soon after the conference, I started a project which still isn’t finished; more on that in another post.

Habu Textiles A-1 Tsumugi Silk, whiskey

The first time I went to Austin, I noted that no yarn stores were close, although a colleague who used to live in Austin told me I really should get to her favorite yarn store. This year, I decided 2.6 miles to the store wasn’t really that far and I would squeeze it in during one skipped session and lunch. I made it to Hill Country Weavers in 47 minutes. It is a fabulous store and I barely had time to even walk into each room. There was so much beautiful fiber I didn’t want to leave. They also have some terrific patterns they have designed (available also as PDFs so I can very easily order from home). I could have spent a fortune in the store but I decided on Alchemy Haiku, a silk mohair blend, in Equinox (which coincidentally was the next day).

Alchemy Haiku, in Equinox
Alchemy Haiku, in Equinox

I spent a mere 15 minutes there, turned around, walked back to the room, picked up my computer and made it to the unconference for the afternoon.


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