A bit of spinning

I finally finished spinning the pink Texel. It took far longer than it ought to because I wasn’t enjoying it. I had to keep picking out short cuts and vegetation. The resulting yarn is quite nice, but the spinning went slowly. But to be honest, most of the slowness really was because I was choosing to do other things.

Texel 2 plyI now have about 550 yards (162 g) of 2 ply.

Texel, close-up

In order to ply, I had t tie a 2nd leader onto a bobbin because I had some silk still hanging out from the beaded yarn of two years ago. I also had silk on the drop spindle from last winter when I didn’t want to carry my wheel to the Spinners group. The next project was supposed to be the purple llama which I need to spin and then knit into a doily with beads for the May challenge.

unpun silk

Instead, I have decided to finish off the silk. I started by emptying the drop spindle onto the bobbin, joining the ends. Spinning this is a nice change from the somewhat trashy Texel. I am considering plying it with the purple llama.

silk with llama

I need to think about this. I had originally thought about spinning this with purple (the color is itself a bit of a challenge), but I’m not sure the llama is right.


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