Needing some blue

After the pink texel, I switched my spinning to tussah silk in an intentionally challenging colorway (Mardi Gras colors). From the beginning I had thought I would ply it with purple, which then shifted in my mind to the purple llama for my spinner’s challenge. As I was spinning the silk, I decided blue would be a better option for plying. It also started reminding me of iris and springtime, which is an improvement on Mardi Gras. Below, some of it spun on a bobbin, predrafted, and not drafted (but split lengthwise).

tussah silk spun and unspun

A couple year ago, I bought some fiber at a spinners’ fiber sale/swap. I had been wanting to try some superwash BFL. I found 4.5 oz. in a colorway I wouldn’t have picked, but the price was good for trying it out. I figured I could probably do something for DJ with it.

red aqua BFL superwash

It occurred to me that I would like it better if I overdyed it blue. Since I didn’t have any blue appropriate for plying with the tussah silk, but I did have 1 oz of white bombyx silk/merino combed top, this meant pulling out the dyepot this past weekend. Of course, I also lack any blue dye for protein fibers and I do not have good option for protein fiber dyes in town. At our local art supply store, I found one that would work on protein fibers, from iDye (a brand I have never heard of, and picked one of the two blues (brilliant blue), with no real idea what color I was choosing. I used about 1/8 of the packet for the 5.5 oz of wool/silk fiber.

The BFL came out quite dark, but I like it.

red aqua BFL superwash after over dyeing blue

The merino-silk is a much lighter blue, and has a purple haze to the outside. The inside of the roving is blue only.

merino-silk dyed blue

The roving felted some in the dye pot, so I spent some time opening it up.

opening up blue merino-silkAnd predrafted.

predrafted blue merino-silk


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