Myra Doily No.49

I wrote about the pattern from Myra’s knitting lessons and mentioned there seemed to be some errors in it. Since I am making a doily for the spinner’s challenge, I wanted to know how much to spin (I am supposed to spin the llama firm, so the yarn is firmer than I would want and do not want to have much extra), so I thought I would make a doily out of something else and then rip it out to see how much yarn it took. This also gave me an opportunity to see where I thought the pattern needed corrections. And also would give me a better idea of where to put the beads.

Years back I bought some yarn for a small project. Recently I have been using the yarn to tie skeins. I thought this yarn would be good to test the doily. Sometime after the original purchase and before it was relegated ties, I apparently did something where the yarn was cut. I knotted lengths together and wound it into a ball. The knots were a surprise when I started knitting.  I believe I used Patons Grace, 100% mercerized cotton, color taupe.

The pattern starts with 4 stitches, one on each needle. You then knit into the front and back of each one for two rounds. The needles kept slipping out of the yarn and I was having issues. I decided I didn’t care and just didn’t worry about the order of the needles since it wouldn’t effect what I was checking. In other words, please don’t pay attention to the center which is quite the mess.

Myra doily being blockedYou can see one of the knots just above 3 o’clock. I blocked it to about 11 or 11.5 inches, but the doily is about 10.25″ in diameter now.

Myra doily

So what changes did I make? I added a row between rows 13 and 15 in the original. The pattern jumped significantly and expected you to have more stitches than were available, Comparing to the original picture, it seemed like this missing row was pictured. However, there were the correct number of holes in the straight lines from the center for what was on the pattern. I believe the original one pictured lacks the last row; the diamond eyelet clusters seem closer to the bound off edge than mine, and the long petals do not end in a point, unlike mine.

In order to get row 13a (the row I inserted) and row 15 to look correct, I had to fiddle a fair amount. There would have been an easy way to get the right number of stitches, but that meant there were 2 stitches in a spot which I think should have only 1 to look right (I tried it and ripped it out). This also meant I needed to drop a k2tog from row 17. The chart below highlights areas that I modified.

myra doily chart, highlighting areas altered

Row 15 seemed to have an extra stitch at the end, and rows 27, 29, 31 and 33 all had an extra stitch before the last yo on each repeat, so I dropped those. Row 21 was also a bit of a mess. The k2tog followed the wrong yo, and they were not positioned consistently with the other eyelet diamonds. I also shifted the first eyelet diamond on rows 27/29/31 over one stitch to try to have the diamonds centered better.

I like DPNs, but part way through I found I was having trouble keeping all the stitches on my needles. I was stretching out the knitting pretty often to check the pattern, which wasn’t helping. It finally dawned on me to try the magic loop for the first time ever. That made the whole process much simpler. It would certainly have been useful at my modified row 15 and I think will help me at the cast on too. I will probably still prefer DPNs for most things, but for this doily, I think magic loop is the way to go.

Myra doily, detail

I have posted the PDF of my revised pattern.

I just ripped out the doily and I need to spin a little more. I have plenty of llama and 10 yards won’t take that long to spin; better to know now rather than later.


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