Purple llama

For the spinner’s challenge this year, I need to make a purple, firmly spun, llama doily with beads. L helped with the first step last October by acquiring some lovely llama at a local fiber event which I was unable to attend. She brought back 6 oz of hand carded white llama roving. In early November, M and I played with her Gaywool dyes. I also threw in one random skein in a very light purple. The color looks interesting close up, but it isn’t that exciting as you move away.

Wendy yarn before overdyeingI believe we used Cyclamen, Myrtle, Azalea, Raspberry and Myrtle, in probably not even proportions. I can’t read what might be my notes.

purple dyepot

While still wet, in basement lighting.

freshly dyed, still wet llama

After dry, not in basement light. This looks much more compacted. I think I must have re-rinsed at home and spun out gently in our front loading washer.

llama roving dyed purple

The Wendy wool after overdyeing. I still have no idea what I will do with one random skein of this.

Wendy yarn after overdyeing

Around Christmas, again with M’s help, we carded the dyed roving to make the color more uniform.

llama recarded

I finally spun some in April. I needed to spin it firmly for the challenge, which meant the yarn is firmer than I would prefer. I didn’t want to spin too much. I also didn’t want to make a very big doily (since a llama doily is not terribly useful). However, after figuring out the pattern I am going to use, I didn’t spin enough. I had best spin a bit more soon.

llama spun


2 thoughts on “Purple llama

  1. It’s very pretty, but darn it all, Kate. Your heading had me hoping for something entirely different. You meant yarn not a critter and I’m vastly dissapointed. DJ

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