Completed 2013 challenge


I completed this year’s spinner’s challenge, which for me consisted of purple llama, spun firmly, and made into a beaded doily.

I used the Myra pattern. I need to update it because I made a minor modification. On the rounds where there is a knit 2 together that uses one stitch from one pattern unit with another pattern unit, I moved the last stitch of the preceding round from the right to the left needle and then knit it with the next stitch. I shifted the loop halfway around the doily (since I was using the magic loop), by one stitch so that it would work out correctly.

After I test ran the pattern I determined I hadn’t spun quite enough. I now have a few yards remaining. This was my first time adding beads as I knit.  I used no. 6 beads that I had on hand. I had one bead left (hence why the middle alternates between 2 and 3 beads on a petal). I used a small loop of flexible jewelry wire, folded in half to put the bead on a loop. (Knit a stitch, slip stitch off, put wire loop through stitch,  poke ends through the bead, slide bead on, remove wire loop, put stitch back on the right needle.)

Remaining yarn & bead, wire used to thread bead on yarn This is also the first time I decided where to put beads in a pattern. The 2–3 beads on the large petal did not wind up where I expected them; I had thought they would be shifted to the right, centered in the point and running closer to one side of the petal. Actually, I think the problem is I should have added them a couple of rows later (on rows 22, 26 and 30).

chart for Myra doily with beads

I blocked it to 12″.

doilyYou can see the lace pattern better in this picture.



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