Posts moved

I moved all my posts over from Technically it was very easy, but some of the formatting was a bit of a mess and I think a few images didn’t transfer. Most of the images moved into the wordpress media library, but some remained links to blogger. I think I found most problems, but if you see something weird in an old post, let me know.

I also took the opportunity to remove some of my more off topic rambles.

I revised the book reviews so they now all have an ISBN-13. The image comes from Worldcat (when available) and links to Worldcat. The title links to Ravelry, if there is a book entry in Ravelry.

One thing I find interesting about the books in Ravelry is how little some publishers seem to pay attention to them.  Ravelry is a large subset of knitters and I would have thought it would be worth their time to have someone make sure their books are listed and that all patterns are on the site. Even when books are there with all patterns, very often the pictures from the book are not on Ravelry.  This is a pity since the books generally have very good pictures of the items. Including them would increase the appeal of the pattern. It is great to see how people made something, but I think the pictures from books often do more to make me want to use the pattern (which can translate to purchasing the book or pattern) than another picture. It just seems like publishers should participate in this social network to at least a small degree as a form of marketing.


Beginning anew

Previously, I shared a blog with a couple of friends. However, in the last couple years I have posted very little. I would like to get back in the habit of posting about my current (or past) projects. Having my own blog will make the connection to Ravelry much easier. As I have time, I am going to move old posts to this site.

This seems like an excessively short post, but since it isn’t about knitting or spinning I guess that is fine.

Radical Knitting

I’ve been a really bad blogger. L has been bugging me to post things I’ve finished or am working on. I could tell you the sad tale of the purple socks, show DJ’s birthday present, show the moebius scarf I don’t like and am ripping out, the vest I am making for myself, the hat for my Mom that I made and didn’t photograph, the shrug I will be making for my niece and the 1965 pattern my MIL has used, or the llama I’ve been spinning. I think I haven’t blogged in so long there is at least one other pair of socks, the dye workshop and I’m not sure what else I’m forgetting. I could also post about new yarn and books in my collection. But I won’t. Instead I’m going to simply post to a Colbert Report video on Radical Knitting.

Sheep at the Frankfurt Museum of Communication

A friend just sent me pictures of sheep made from old telephones. The sheep are in Das Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt. If you click on the top quick time video you can the sheep in their natural habitat. If you click on the picture on the site, you get a panorama of the museum interior and you can rotate to find the sheep, one floor down, approximately 180° around. [The site has changed and I don’t see the video now. Link to current site added 21 October 2012]

But, far easier is to just use flickr (which is how we found them originally) –

I don’t think I’ll be spinning that fiber. But maybe that’s where fiber optic cables come from.

Bad Blogger

I have been a very bad blogger for months now. I have read knitting books and returned them to the library without reviews. I have bought yarn. I have spun yarn. I have dyed fiber. I have knitted (although I don’t think I’ve finished anything if you ignore the top I wore once and have decided I need to redo). Have I posted on any of this? No. Do I have a good excuse? No. DJ has been complaining there is no new content. It is no wonder that L said she hasn’t looked at the blog for a long time and wondered if I had added anything (I think the answer is “no”). The only think I can say in my defense is that this is a shared blog and none of us posted anything in July. Ah well — it is summer…

I will be putting up at least 2 book reviews today, so maybe I can start to get back on track.


It has been an odd few weeks here. My Kool-aid dyeing was in part a good way to spend a holiday weekend, but also a light activity to do while I was also getting a powerpoint ready for a job in Wales. After returning from a conference, I then needed to get ready for the phone interview, and so spinning the fiber was a good activity to mix in. I had been thinking I could some really great (i.e. obnoxious) sock yarn for DJ. Unfortunately the fiber is too coarse for that. It would be scratchy next to the skin and the yarn is too coarse. I spun half of it an Navajo plied it. The plying is really lousy because I am out of practice and I think I was getting pretty freaked about the possible move so far away.

Meanwhile, flooding in the state is awful. Unlike the flood of 1993, it is hitting all the rivers, not just some. That means that all rivers are at records stages and major cities (OK, what passes for major cities in this area) have had down towns evacuated. The river in town is not yet at record levels – but we are downstream from some major flooding, and that has yet to reach the dam and water has been going over the spillway for a day and a half now.
So far only one street is under mandatory evacuation, but the University is closing many river side buildings. I will be helping to move materials out of the basement in our slightly higher river side building.

Earlier this week I helped with sandbagging. If you ever do this, do not do the tying of bags unless you have the metal things and the tool to twist it. I didn’t have one for the first chunk of time and even with gloves, I cut up my fingers badly. Now this is relevant to knitting and spinning because my left index finger is very sore, right in a place that I would use for knitting and spinning. Knitting is much slower when I don’t use that finger.

What am I knitting? Well, I need to make something for DJ out of that weird yarn. Fortunately, the fruity Kool-aid smell is going away. the yarn looks a bit like that zebra fruit striped gum that was around when I grew up. I’ll take a picture of the 2nd batch that I am still spinning. I didn’t want to document the yarn because it really is terrible plying. I am trying to something for DJ that doesn’t look quite so Kool-aid clown like. We’ll see if it works.