Cubic right angle weave pendant

Last weekend I took a class at my LBS on cubic [or cubed] right angle weave (CRAW or 3RAW as Karen refers to it). In the morning we learned the basics; we made a single row and then added a 2nd row on to it. We used no. 8 seed beads, 8# Fireline, and no. 10 sharp needles.

Cubic right angle weave sample

Karen then showed embellishing by “stitching in the ditch”. This is possible in the center of a double wide section of CRAW and along the edges. I added beads of the same color and contrasting color in the center and along the edge. Embellishing can tighten up and therefore shorten the piece, so you may need to make something a bit longer than expected.

Cubic right angle weave sample with embellishment

After lunch, we made a pendant. This taught us how to turn a corner, how to join and embellishing in a slightly different way (Karen call this “side winder stitch in the ditch”, which can be done on a single wide section of CRAW).

Cubic right angle weave pendant necklace

I then continued on and made a lariat for the necklace. I meant to join this near the top of the small diamond, but I didn’t, so, oh well. I think it looks fine as it is.

Cubic right angle weave pendant necklace-detail

I’ve started collecting some images (and a how to video) of CRAW on Pinterest.

Cubic right angle weave pendant necklace-detail


Pearl knotting

Last fall I took a class from my LBS on pearl knotting. We made a bracelet in the class.

pearl bracelet

And here, showing my awesome non-dominant-hand picture taking ability:

close-up of pearl bracelet

My sister had a milestone birthday this year so I wanted to give her different than another pair of socks (although she might actually have preferred that, but who asked her?). I wanted to use my new skill to make her a necklace, without it looking like something Mrs. Cleaver/Barbara Billingsley would have worn. I thought mixing in PINK crystal might do the trick.

pearl and crystal necklace and earrings

And of course I needed to make matching earrings. I didn’t think to get a picture wearing them, so this one in the box will have to do. My sister is far too camera shy to allow one of her wearing them to be posted.


I made jewelry for Christmas presents. To be fair, TH helped design the pieces. Even though they aren’t textiles I thought I could post about them. I’d tell you about them, but I honestly don’t remember what most of the stones/beads are.

This one is was for my mother:

This went to my SIL:

This went to my MIL:

This went to DJ (using beads scavenged from a necklace from AL, leftovers from something I made a while back for myself, beads that have been around since I think DJ was in high school, and beads bought particularly for this):