Bus hat

Coming home on the bus today, I noticed a woman’s knit hat (of the basic slightly slouchy variety). I notice knitwear fairly often and even sometimes make a short-lived attempt to figure out the pattern. In this case, the woman was sitting right in front of me and the pattern looked quite simple, so I tried to figure it out. And then I quickly made notes on my iPod touch. Then I took a quick snap with my phone. Maybe I’ll even figure out how to get the picture off my phone without costing any money…

So, here are my quick notes. I have no idea how this would work out in reality.

Cast on 120 stitches. I think it is a worsted weight yarn. On smaller needles, do K1P1 ribbing for 1.5-2 inches. Switch to bigger needles (it is a drapey garter).

Next round knit all.

Next round *purl 14, knit 1 (8 times total).

Repeat these rounds for … um ….(OK, note taking fails here) … a few times before it is time to start the decreases… I think the phrase is “do until done”.

At the appropriate time, start decreasing. I think it will be a sl 1, k2tog, psso (i.e. a symmetrical double decrease). Center the decrease on the stockinette, so you have nice triangular garter panels separated by a line of stockinette. The last round should have 8 stitches, joining together at the top.

Okay, not the best pattern, but possibly enough so that even if you haven’t seen it you could knit it. And now I’ve put my notes somewhere that I might not lose them.


Koolhaas hat

I loved Brooklyn Tweed’s Koolhaas hat when I first saw pictures of it. (Of course, Jared does such beautiful photography, it is hard not to love everything he does.) One of my goals for the Philadelphia yarn stores was to get yarn for this hat (in part because it would be a small amount of yarn to bring home on the plane).

hat 11a
Pattern: Koolhaas hat, by Jared Flood
Yarn: The Fibre Company Khroma WW (50% Baby alpaca, 50% merino) in Bougainvillea, 1.2 skeins
Needles: Size ??
Began: March 2008 ; Completed: March 2008
Modifications: fewer repeats because the yarn is bigger than called for in the pattern

Yet another hat for DJ

When in Philadelphia, I bought yarn. I told JQ I would make something with some of it before a conference in Atlanta next month. So, I made another hat for DJ. I have yet to make a hat for myself. I have only made 1 for TH. I’m not sure I’m that happy with the hat, but that hasn’t stopped me from wearing it. I thought I would make Foliage out of this yarn. I realize the color is not like foliage, but I thought it would like nice anyway. The pattern is for 2 weight of yarn. You end up with 96 stitches for one and 64 for the other. Unfortunately, I determined that 80 stitches would be right for this yarn. Because of the construction of the hat, I wasn’t sure how to adjust it for a different yarn size. Out came The New Knitting Stitch Library to find a lace pattern that would work in about 80 stitches.

hat 10A
Pattern: none (see below)
Yarn: Terra, the Fibre Company, African Violet (1 skein)
Needles: size 7, double point for rib, size 9 for rest
Began: February 2008. Completed: February 2008

hat 10E
Cast on 80 stitches. Work 1×1 ribbing for about 8 rounds. I should have inserted a plain row of stockinette before I started the pattern, but I didn’t follow pattern 218 (multiple of 16 stitches). Repeat 2.5 times. K2tog (or P2 tog) all stitches for 1round, knit (or purl) one round, k2tog (or P2 tog) etc. until you have decreased to 5 stitches. Break yarn and pull end through loops.

The color is better in the outside shot. The sun was so bright on the snow on Saturday that I couldn’t keep my eyes open for the photo.

Compo’s Hat

Back in November I listed my planned projects and then immediately started something that wasn’t on the list, but I never blogged about it.

We enjoy watching Last of the Summer Wine, a BBC comedy that started in 1973? One of the characters is called Compo. He is consistently described as “scruffy.” He always wears a green knit hat. The first several years the hat was different, but sometime around 1980, the same hat was worn until the actor’s death in 1999. TH wanted a hat like Compo’s.

I first made the hat using stash yarn—Araucania Nature Wool in green. Unfortunately, although the color was right, it fit me and not TH, so I ripped it out (yes, it was virtually done and I completely frogged it. In theory I could have moved up a needle size or two, but I was using size 7 dpns. I don’t own size 8 dpns (yet) and I lost my size 9 dpns from about October until two weeks ago.

Obviously, I needed to buy new yarn, so TH and I went to my LYS2 to find wool he would like. Once there, green no longer seemed quite as important. TH really liked a deep red. The yarn was too thick this time—especially since I would be using size 7 needles (why didn’t I just get new needles?). This means the hat isn’t quite as good as it should be so I’ll need to make him another one eventually.

Compo's hat

Pattern: none
Yarn: Cascade 128, 9404 (1 skein)
Needles: size 7, double point
Began: November 2007. Completed: November 2007

Cast on 88 stitches. K1 P1 ribbing for for about 2 inches. K2 P K2 P K4 P (repeat for total of 8). Make 2×2 right twist cables in the K4 section. Continue until 7 or 7 1/2 inches (or until you need to decrease because you are running out of yarn–a bit more would be better for thick yarn)—this was 6 cable twists for me. Start decreases in P between pair of K2s. Continue decreasing here. Next do decreases on every other cable, leaving a nice + of cables going to the top of the hat.

Even though the yarn isn’t really right, I think it does look like Compo’s hat. Yes, this is a very easy hat, but it is the first time I saw something and figured out how to make it, more challenging because for some reason they don’t give great knitting shots and I was watching it “live” so I couldn’t pause the show.

Beaded hat

I finished the beaded hat for DJ.

hat 9aPattern: none
Yarn: handspun, partially novelty yarn samples
Needles: number 6, double point
Began: February 2008. Completed: February 2008

The knitting is not exciting (cast on 88 stitches, stockinette the whole way (so reverse stockinette shows beads on rolled edge), when just enough yarn was left to decrease (5 5/8″” from CO edge), start decreasing every other row, dividing hat in 1/8ths). I tried a bit of pattern at first, but since the whole point of this is the handspun yarn, I decided to keep the knitting very simple.

hat 9b

The hat uses one of my first beaded yarn samples for the rolled edge, then multi-roving yarn (with the darkest/least pink end used first so it would be covered by the rolled edge, followed by a pinker section of the multi-roving yarn held with a sample of slub yarn from last fall, and then finishing with multi-roving yarn with beads. It is very hard to see the beads, even in person.

hat 9dDisappointingly, DJ can’t see the flickr pictures on break at work, so I now know I can post surprises for her and she can only read about them.

hat 9c

In other news—I checked out a whole lot of books from the library and am trying not to look at them until I have written up a review so expect to see a bunch of book reviews.

DJ’s Purse

DJ’s birthday was in October. I had the knitting for her present done in September and all the felting except the handle done before her birthday. (The purse should like something like the one here). I didn’t find a decent handle in town, so I made I-cord and felted it sometime in October. And there it has sat pretty much since then. I got back it just before Christmas, but then when I found out I wouldn’t be seeing her, I put it down again.

So, here are pictures of the purse before felting and after felting. I included a ruler for scale. I also included Pink Bear for scale.


hat 8a

Pink Bear was one of my teddy bears as a child. She made it through the final culling sometime in high school or college. My Mom kept her around because she liked having a childhood reminder. Fast forward to the introduction of my mother’s cat. The cat has poor manners and Mom used Pink Bear (with my permission) to protect her hands/play with the cat when Smokey Jo was particularly rambunctious. This was fine until I actually saw Pink Bear all beat up by the cat, with several tears. I gave my Mom Floppy Wolf instead – a sturdier toy for the cat.

hat 8b

Poor, battered Pink Bear came home with me to be mended and then be packed away with other childhood memories. Mending is not my strong suit so … uh… a long time has passed and she still hasn’t been mended even though she is sitting out next to the TV where I see her regularly. The result is that she has now been used to show scale. And she has gotten a new hat.

Socks and a hat

I made TH socks for Christmas. It is a bit difficult to surprise someone when you knit the present in front of him. I kept switching between the two socks so he wouldn’t realize both socks were progressing. He had noticed that the one sock was taking awfully long, but he didn’t know there were two socks. This is probably because he is very good about surprises and doesn’t think too hard about things at Christmas or birthday time. I used the yarn from Chicago in a basic pattern. I carefully split the skein into two halves based on weight, dividing at the beginning of the color repeat so the socks would match. The socks came out really closely until the toe where the yarn dyeing shortchanged the blue and then jumped to the wrong color sequence. It is very subtle since it is at the toe.

sock 9

Pattern: Oak Ribbed Sock, from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush
Yarn: Supersocke 100 (75% superwash and 25% polyamid) in Melange color 976, 1 skeins
Needles: Size 0
Began: November or December 2007 ; Completed: December 2007
Modifications: added 7 stitches, made a bit longer in leg and foot. Reduced foot to 65 stitches.

I made a child sized hat as a gift. I found a better model (i.e. a head smaller than mine) to model the hat. A red stocking cap with white band and pom-pom was requested, so this is what I made (I made up the pattern). The recipient liked it. The white is actually reused from some sample squares I made when learning to knit.

hat 7a

Pattern: Winged it
Yarn: Patons Classic Wool Merino (bright red); Galway Highland Heather (722)
Needles: Size 7?
Began: December 2007 ; Completed: December 2007

hat 7bCast on 76, work 2×2 ribbing for about 1 ½ in. Knit red about 2 ¾” then start reducing (in 4ths, 2 rows of knit in between each k2tog). At least that’s what I think I did.